Bottom Line Up-Front: Dr. Meyer and PA Martinez are the best orthopedic team

Bottom Line Up-Front: Dr. Meyer and PA Martinez are the best orthopedic team I've experienced through 20 years of sports injuries and surgeries.

I had been diagnosed with a non-degenerative injury that had progressively worsened over two years. Dr. Meyer was the third orthopedic surgeon to evaluate the injury. I had visited with two different orthopedic clinics on the east coast. The other orthopedic surgeons indicated I was most likely unrepairable. I traveled to the Chicago area because the second orthopedic surgeon referred me specifically to Dr. Meyer. Dr. Meyer and PA Martinez were excellent in explaining the injury, the procedure for repairing the injury and the post surgery results. Dr. Meyer and PA Martinez fully repaired my injury. I am very thankful for the work they did.

I appreciate the efficiency with which their office staff scheduled the initial evaluation, surgery, and follow-up appointments. They maintained great communication throughout.

Lastly, it was obvious they have a genuine concern for their patients. Dr. Meyer noticed that I had other previously undiagnosed conditions. I had previously reported the pain to other orthopedic clinics and they assumed it was pain from repetitive use and would heal on their own. Dr. Meyer and PA Martinez evaluated my other injuries and recommended non-surgical treatment options to start. The attention to detail and focus on fully investigating patient conditions reinforced my confidence in having found an excellent Orthopedic surgeon and PA team.

- Rot Grubcio

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