Congratulations Dr. Raymond Meyer

Congratulations Dr. Raymond Meyer

Dr raymond MeyerRaymond Meyer, MD, General Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine fellowship trained with Rezin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine since 1997, has passed the American Board of Orthopedics Surgery (ABOS) Recertification Exam.  Dr. Meyer first received board certification from the ABOS in 1999.  He then recertified in 2009 and is now certified through 2029.

The ABOS was founded to serve in the best interest of the public and the medical profession.  Certification from ABOS establishes that your orthopedic surgeon has met the educational, ethical, and professional standards and requirements of the orthopedic board.  Dr. Meyer states, “It was quite an undertaking to complete this certification, but it is very important to me that my patients get the best care possible.  By earning this designation, my patients know that they are getting care from someone who meets the highest standards in the field of orthopedics”.

Dr. Meyer treats patients of all ages in General Orthopedics and Sports Medicine injuries. Dr. Meyer has been the team physician for Joliet Catholic Academy since 1997 and has been with JCA since he started playing football himself in 1978.

Dr. Meyer states, “Joliet Catholic is a great Academy and I am proud to be part of their program.  It is an honor to treat the athletes and their families”.

Achieving this prestigious designation certifies that Dr. Meyer will continue to practice as a top level orthopedic surgeon with the highest qualifications and competence.

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